Interview Series: SnobMobb

state your name / age / occupation

K: my name is kasey aka la goony chonga / i just turned 19 / i’m a strippa hoe

D: my name is dri aka bootychain / i’m so young, i’m just so young / rapper

what’s your current relationship status?

K: single

D: happily invested

what are the pros and cons of being in a relationship vs being single?

K: i think it’s nice being in a relationship because you always have that one

person that you can go to, but then i like being single too because sometimes it’s

annoying to be so concerned with someone else all the time.

D: i don’t know… both of them are a headache. being single and being lonely kills

me. being in a relationship also kills me, too, because i get so attached. it’s just

the kind of person i am. either way, i’m just like fuck. it’s a catch 22.


for reallll. i, myself, enjoy being in a relationship for the most part. however,

i’ve really been enjoying my freedom lately ;-). on a scale of 1 – 10 how

sexual are you?

K: 100 (laughing). 10 times 10.

D: (laughs) i’m always horny, that’s all i know.

i love y’all so much, we are some birds of a feather hahaha. i love that you

girls rep SLUTMOBB, what is your definition of a slut? is it a good thing or

a bad thing? why did you choose to rep that? what does it mean to y’all?

D: (to kasey) i love that you turn and look at me (laughs).

K: i love sluts.

D: the way we represent it is mostly for our fan base. we want people to feel

comfortable. if you’re a girl who’s had sex with more than a certain amount of

guys, or even if you’re a boy and you feel like people are judgmental towards

you… you’re cool. you’re just a slut, who cares? basically we want you, our fans,

to feel comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. it’s not bad to be a slut.

K: we use it for our fans. we’re SNOBMOBB but we call them SLUTMOBB, so if

you fuck with us and support us in anyway then you’re a part of that.

D: the way it came about is we took the word (someone had called me a slut)

and we were just about to drop an album call SNOBS HAVE FEELINGS, TOO. i

was like oh no he did not call me a slut –

K: so we crossed out “snobs” and put “sluts” instead (SLUTS HAVE FEELINGS,

TOO) and we ran with it.

D: it was pretty accidental. guys shouldn’t say mean things to me because i’ll just

take it and turn it into something new. look! now we’re all sluts. (laughs)

K: it’s so funny how the world works. when we were doing SLUTMOBB a lot of

people were talking about slut shaming and having slut walks etc. it’s crazy how

we can all be dealing with the same issues.


hell yes, we’re all sluts. whoever you choose to sleep with is your business,

just be safe and don’t wreck any homes. i’ll rep SLUTMOBB 5ever. tell me a

little more about what it’s like being a woman in the music industry. do you

consider yourselves role models? do you want to be?

K: i don’t feel like i’m a role model, but i feel like i really influence girls. i’ve seen it

happen with my fans, sometimes they become strippers because of me and i

don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing (giggles). sometimes i’m just like

damn, maybe i need to watch out, but i feel like i’m a good person and i don’t

really say anything harmful to anyone. i just talk about myself in my music and i

hope that someone can relate or want to relate. you know?

i think you are a role model! you’re very independent and i admire you.

y’all’s work is very positive and i think a lot young girls look up to you.

D: i like that our music is empowering. it’s very natural. the funny thing is that

mostly men rock our music, so it’s cool to see girls grindin’ and poppin’ their

pussy to us. i feel proud.

K: it makes me happy.

D: a lot of my music is just free styling and based off of feeling. it’s cool when

people want to dance to it because i never even thought about it like that…

(giggles) i’m like that shit go hard!

sooo sick! it’s great to see people connect with your art (whatever version

it may be). where do you think we stand, as a society, in regards to sexual

equality? do you see us progressing?

K: no. i mean i think it’s equal, but i feel like guys still think it’s okay for them to

sleep around but not us (girls).

D: i feel like girls are getting bold. i definitely feel like there’s a change in women.

i don’t think men’s opinion and the way they feel about has changed. they’re still

shaming us. look at miley cyrus, she’s out there doing her thing, feeling her pussy

power and getting hated on for it. like damn, why can’t she just feel herself up.

K: and then if a guy is promiscuous he’s praised for it.

such a double standard! can’t wait until people stop caring about other

people’s sexual business. 

D: i see women taking action towards it and it makes me excited, but the way

men are responding to it isn’t ideal. i feel like it’s about what age men are at also.

a lot of the newer generation guys are more open, whereas older guys are quick

to call a girl a hoe or a slut. i’m like woah, woah, woah…


yea… there’s no need for name calling, especially when you’re being a

hypocrite *coughs* dudes who sleep around but want virgin girlfriends

*coughs*. what are some of your turn ons and turn offs?

K: it turns me off if a guy talks about his exes a lot or is mean to his mom.

D: oh my goddddd.

K: or if he doesn’t think i’m funny. if he doesn’t get my jokes i’m so turned off. i’m

like bro i’m so funny how are you not getting it? (laughs) i’m so turned off by that.

i won’t get wet (laughs). what turns me on is a guy who’s talented. if a guy has

that look in his eyes like ‘i’m going to get you’… i like a nice smile. i like funny

guys. i don’t like seriousness. that’s too much.

D: my turn offs are a guy who’s too social. i cannot have any dude talking more

than me, like why are you talking so much when you’re a boy? (laughs) it’s

concerning to me. i really don’t like guys who feel like they need to have a lot of

bitches around them or too many female friends / fans. it makes me feel like

you’re really insecure and you need constant attention. i’m pretty easygoing for

the most part, it’s really random things that turn me off. guys with bad

mannerisms, like being rude to waiters, really bother me. there’s no need to be

mean. turn ons… oh gosh, i don’t know… i get turned on by really weird shit

(giggles). i like nerdy guys that are weird and awkward and shy. it turns me on

when a boy ignores me for a long time, like i’m getting excited why are you

ignoring me? (laughing) i like boys, like kasey said, that are talented and driven

to do something cool. i like boys who are really comfortable being themselves. it

really turns me on when i see how you act around your dudes and know you act

the same way with me at home. i like consistency! i don’t like change a lot.

K: it turns me on when a guy buys stuff for me and my friends.

hahahahahaha!!!! YESSSSS LMAO. nailed it. (everyone laughing). dri, i like

what you said about being consistent. i don’t think anyone likes a

chameleon who acts different around different groups of people. i pray the

fakes get exposed. how do you think technology affects relationships


K: i think it’s weird.

D: i was going to say the same thing!

K: i don’t like it. i think technology makes it easier for people to be sneaky and it

makes people really want to be hoes because they feel safe with their phones.

they think it’s private and that no one knows, but it’s also the number one way of

getting caught. a lot of people are meeting through technology and it’s good, but

it’s also weird to me.

D: i think technology is making shit awkward because people are over-meeting

people (laughs). some people do NOT need to know each other (laughing) there

is no reason.

everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. smh. 

D: yes! everyone is friends now because of the internet. i feel like some of my

friends just want to social climb and use me to get close to other friends i have…

it’s happened to me a couple times and i’ve had to be like wait… and cut the shit

off. but also, the internet can be used for good.


trustttttt me, i’ve had some girls pull some single white female shit on me

and try to steal my life lol it’s scary low key… :-/ but once you learn how to

spot a user it gets easier to prevent them from entering your life and

drowning you in their fuck shit :-). how do y’all practice safe sex?

D: i tried birth control twice, once when i was 15 and once when i was 18. that

shit made me go psycho yo…

K: i took birth control too and i got fat (laughs). birth control also made me crazy.

D: i always wanted to fight with my boyfriend when i was on birth control.

K: i think birth control was fucking me up sexually. safe sex is no sex.

D: there you go.

K: the safest way to have sex is to not have sex and masturbate.

hahaha SO true though! 😦 sad, but true. there needs to be a new form of

birth control that still feels good when you have sex and doesn’t make you

a complete psycho lol. this should be priority number one!!! how old were

you when you lost your virginity? what happened?

K: i was 15 about to turn 16 and it was with my first boyfriend ever. he was

almost 2 years younger than me.

he was a child!!! hahahahahahaha

K: he was in 7th grade and i was in 9th. he was an immigrant and got held back a

year so it wasn’t that big of a difference. we had tried a few times, but it didn’t

work for some reason. one day we did it and i was like yessss! i’ve been active

ever since 😉 (laughs).

D: i was also 15 about to be 16 and it was also with my first boyfriend. i think he

lied to me and told me he was a virgin. i don’t know… i don’t believe that fool

(laughs). i just never want to think about him. i can’t believe i dated him. he was a

football player type guy. i don’t even like guys like that. we only had sex one time

and then we stopped speaking. i don’t know if i did a really bad job… it WAS my

first time so…

K: that’s so rude! your first time he pulls some shit like that.

that’s despicable. there is a special place in hell for evil people like him 0:-).

i’m sorry you had to experience that, but i’m glad you didn’t let him cripple

your outlook on love and life. 

D: seriously. imagine you’re dating someone and you’re in the middle of a

relationship and you lose your virginity and then he just goes ghost.

it’s so cruel!! this is why people have trust issues! makes my blood boil.

D: fucked me up for awhile. i didn’t understand. i still don’t really understand.


you can’t understand someone who’s manipulative, selfish and a predator.

he’s mentally and emotionally unstable and you’re a freethinking,

intelligent, badass babe. his loss. 100%. what do you consider cheating?

how do you go about defining that in a relationship?

K: if you like another girl’s picture (laughing).

D: exactly! is that a favorite? i saw three favorites… (laughs) it’s bad.

K: cheating is if you’re going against whatever you guys agreed on. some people

have different agreements. it’s all about communication.

D: there should be some kind of foundation where you have that open line of


K: if you’re communication was strong there wouldn’t even be cheating because

you’d know what your relationship’s boundaries are. if you decide to go against

those boundaries, that would be cheating.

D: it’s cheating if you’re doing something and you’re feeling guilty about it. if you

think it’s wrong, it’s clearly cheating.

K: or if you don’t want to tell your partner…

D: if you’re not being honest, even by omitting information, that’s when you’re

approaching the cheating lines.

i agree completely. if you’re hiding something or being shady, that’s

cheating. if you’re being sus in a relationship, just end it for both of y’all’s

sake. life is hard enough without all of that drama. how do you go about

dealing with fans who are on your / your boo’s dick?

D: i encourage my partner to be active with their fans, so i expect the sex

comments or whatever. i don’t ever look for anything… you know what i’m

saying? because that would be taking so much energy from my day. i’m not one

of those girls who checking what he’s liking or anything like that. i don’t really


oh hell no, those kind of behaviors (stalking your partner and knit picking

what they like or comment) will drive you insane. 

K: it honestly attracts more shit when you’re looking for it.

D: dating in the industry is weird.

K: i would prefer to date someone in the scene because then they understand

the lifestyle we live and you can go catch one of their shows or something, too.

D: it’s hot. you have to understand the lifestyle or it can get awkward.

K: that’s why i think it’s really cool. i would never want to date a normal person

who has a normal job. i feel like he’d never understand me, ever. to them, what

i’d be doing would seem so outlandish. i need someone moves kinda the same

why i move so they can really get me.


for sure. the artist’s lifestyle is not one that many people truly understand

and i think people are apt to take the long hours and time dedicated to work

personally, unless they are in a similar field. it’s definitely not for everyone.

what would an ideal date date look like for you?

K: i want to go eat! i want to eat good. don’t take me anywhere nasty. i want to

eat nice and see something nice, too. also, we could go shopping (giggling) or go

do something tropical (laughs). i’m from miami so we could go jet skiing. let’s go

tan, you can put baby oil on me and tell me how sexy i am. i can be simple too,

but i like lavish situations because i feel like things will go better.

D: the first date has to be really chill for me. i want to see you out in your

environment, see how you’re moving…

body language is everythingggg.

D: body language is really important to me. on the first date i want to go to your

house and be mellow. an ideal date though, i want to go shopping that’s cool. i

like picking out clothes together, that’s cute. i like to eat. i’d rather spend money

on clothes than a fancy restaurant like we can eat at mcdonald’s i don’t care, but

can we get these shoes? the meal will be gone, but those shoes i’ll keep with me


K: that’s why you have to get a guy that will do both (take you to a nice dinner

and take you shopping) (laughs).

D: i want to smoke weed. a dude who can cook for me, that’s a date. i’m really

into cooking. it would impress me more if a guy cooked me a nice meal vs taking

me out. that’s sexy like damnnn i’m special.

trueeee, i love a man in the kitchen :-). how do you keep an open mind in

the bedroom?

D: i’m open minded.

K: i’m very open minded. (laughs)

D: i like to keep things fun.

sex should be fun!

K: you should dress up sexy! in some hot lingerie.

D: you gotta make sure it’s the right time for the lingerie moves or it can get

awkward (laughs). the timing has to be right. i think being in a relationship

naturally makes you more open minded. the older i get, the more things i get into.

i used to be into really rough sex and now i’m not into it as much. i want it sweet

and tender.

K: i like when it’s aggressive, but passionate too.

D: i like passionate sex. hard fucking is gross to me now, like please don’t do

that. i don’t recall cumming when i’d have rough sex. i cum all the time when i

have passionate sex.

K: but there’s always that sick part of your brain that turns you on when think

you’re a whore. (laughing)

D: i was into rough sex because of the sickness (laughs).

K: the different parts of your brain that you enter… i love it (laughing) you gotta

love it.

D: i get my cowgirl moment when i like to take control. let me just do my


lmaooo the sickness haha i’m sobbing!! i definitely have that… 😉 do you

have any sex or relationship advice for our readers?

D: relationship advice – be smart and be sure that whoever you’re going to start a

relationship with, that you already have a friendship with that person. that would

be my number one recommendation. sex wise – have fun, be safe (define your

own boundaries), do what you want. as long as you’re taking care of your body

and not mixing emotions into it i think you’ll be fine. if you can’t have casual sex

without getting attached, you should recognize that and act accordingly. cater to

your own emotions.

K: i feel the same. advice for sex… make sure you like the person you’re having

with (laughs). get to know them before you let them get the kitty. be safe! don’t

have sex without condoms, especially if you’re having sex with multiple partners.

if you’re in a committed relationship, that’s another story…

D: we make condoms! hit us up. we’ll send them to you gladly for free.

K: they’re pink!