Interview Series: Father

state your name / age / occupation

father / 24 / rapper, producer, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, label owner, dad

all the things. dad 🙂 what’s the dating scene in atlanta?

for me it’s non-existent.


uh, no. and yes. but mostly, no. if i go back to atlanta, no. i’m not running around there.


is it different from what you’ve experienced in LA or elsewhere?

it’s faster, it’s more to the point. like, what’s this? oh, it’s that? okay. done.

there’s no pussy-footing around. 

no pussy-footing. in atlanta there’s hella pussy-footing. i ain’t got time for that. thots.

i was going to ask you, what’s your definition of a thot and do you have any?

umm, let’s see… what i would consider a thot… a girl that’s very accessible. she’s for everybody. you just have to accept the fact that she’s for everybody. she’s not exclusive.

would you ever wife a thot?

no. can’t wife a thot. love no thotties. i think that’s what chief keef said.


yes he sure did. shout out king sosa. are you a pervy guy? you’re always rapping about naughty things. 

not as much as i used to be. before i was chilling, perving out on the internet and lurking hoes all day. now, all the girls i was lurking on the internet want to hang out and be in my face now, so i no longer feel like a perv anymore.

mission accomplished haha. 

(laughs) it’s almost like i didn’t want the mission to be accomplished. it’s like damnit, now that i’m here i kind of wish you didn’t know me because it was a lot easier just liking your pics on instagram (laughing). it was way better that way.

lmaoo. have you noticed a difference in how women / people in general approach you now that you’re gaining all this hype?

yea. there’s initial steps of meeting somebody, those have pretty much been erased. it skips straight to, oh! we know each other. i don’t know you, but i’ll pretend like we’re friends and that we’re close just to skip the bullshit. you also, what i realized, find out a lot of people are crazier way faster now. that’s the only good thing about my current situation, i can realize how crazy you are immediately. what might’ve taken months only takes a couple days of hanging out with you. you’re bat shit.


haha oh god. i think it’s positive to have that trait though – being able to weed out the bad seeds and the psychos right away. have you ever had to deal with crazy fan girls?

yea. i mean, there’s been several moments of girls just being like “oh my godddd come hereeee!! hug me!! kiss me!! make out with me!!” and i’m just like i’m fucked up, so it’s kind of hard to resist. plus, i like kissing. *makes kissing noises* no more kissing.

lol they’re trying to throw them lips on ya!! in one of your songs you reference fist fucking, have you ever fist fucked someone?

um, i managed to get to here. *motions to an inch above his wrist* so yea like my whole hand.

oh my godddddd hahahaha. what is that even like? did you have to use lube?

no, it was that wet. it was just automatically that wet. next thing you know, you’ve got all this in there. *motions to hand* never got the entire fist though.

one day. 

maybe someone who’s had a baby.


i’m cryingggg. do you believe in love?

(sighs) yes. i do.

are you a romantic?


have you ever been in love before?

of course! there’s moments where it’s like, i’m so involved with you. sometimes it can fade though, but then it comes back. you can’t over do love. if you over do love, you fall out of love.

space is important.

space is important. you gotta yearn for someone again. if you’re around them 24/7 you’ll get sick of them quick. you really gotta yearn… i’ve been gone for like 4 months, i want to go home and cuddle.

you want to go watch some netflix and chill witcha boo. 

i’m tired of these empty ass cuddles i’ve been having. like i’m holding you, but i’m not really holding you.


those are the worst ;-(. have you ever tried tinder or any online dating sites / apps?

i was on tinder for like a month and there were some almost hook-ups on tinder, but i just never went through on any of them.

have you ever been on an awkward date?

an awkward date? i’m not really in the dating age anymore. it’s more so the hangout and hook-up era. awkward hangouts? yea. that’s one thing. awkward date? the last time i was on a date? that was like college. i took her to the theatre, not like the movies, like an actual play. wine and dine… well actually more like the ihop and watch some love and basketball afterwards. (laughs)

oh my gawwwwd. love and basketball was my favorite movie growing up LOL that one always gets the girls. 

it was a real adorable night. it was one of those moments where i was like “wow i’m in love.” then two weeks later i’m like nahhh, we’re not in love.

why does that always happen?!? it’s pure infatuation and then you actually get to know the person and realize you’re not interested. that’s why it’s crazy when you meet someone who holds your attention for a year or longer! you’re like wait, how am i not sick of you yet? lol. 

exactly. that shit’s beautiful. you really have to take that into consideration.


yes, you do. do you have any deal breakers?

the biggest deal breaker is being too submissive. honestly, i love being bitched at. personally, i love being bitched at. you yell back and forth for a little bit but it’s never a real argument. the back and forth bickering, i love that. if i was with someone who’s passive all the time, that would kill me.

ugh, me too. i would get so bored.

i think that’s why i like all the girls i like. they’re all slick, fiery, and crazy. don’t be no pushover. no man likes a submissive girl.

some do…

yea, some do, but that nigga got problems. seriously. he got issues. if he want a docile bitch that don’t say no to nothing, he got issues.


lmaoo control freak. i don’t want nothing to do with that. what are some of your turn ons and turn offs. 

lips, automatically. eyes. love kissing. if the kiss seems bad, we are not going any further than that. kissing is important. i love eyes in that i love girls that look a little dead inside. a little hollow, like there’s something going on with her, or she’s just sleepy. i don’t know. those are some ons… big butts. can’t help it. nice areolas, filled in. i’ve seen some that aren’t filled in, they’re a little clear… you see only the nipple but nothing else. no areola turns me off, like where’s the areola? the only reason girls gone wild wasn’t porn was because you couldn’t see nipple. if you can’t see areola nipple, it’s not a titty. that’s physical. personality turn ons… fiery attitudes. that snap back, put you in your place type of shit. i like crazy girls. daddy issues… i’ve been getting a lot of that lately. i mean my name is father… i can’t attract nice girls. i can’t. i want like an architect who’s also a freak. most of the girls that fuck with me are like cam girls or girls who’ve been porn stars. i don’t know. my music causes the attraction of very sexual girls automatically.

i’m sure, you reference sex a lot in your work. it’s only natural all the freaky, hyper sexual chicks will be drawn to you.

yea, it’s my fault really. that’s my fault.

lol it’s not a bad thing! it just is what it is. 

i like that. every once in awhile you just want to meet someone who’s chill, no expectations. i’ve been in hella situations where i feel like i’m supposed to have sex with girls and i don’t really want to.


do you have sex with them anyways? even though you don’t want to?

have i done that? yea.

that sucks 😦 

kind of feels like rape. it feels like man rape (laughs) because i don’t want to make the girl sad. i’m a nice guy, so part of it is like okay she really wants to have sex so we do it because i want to be a nice guy. i don’t want to disappoint you.

you should never have to sleep with someone because you’re afraid of hurting their feelings. 😦 i’m sorry and i know what you mean, it’s called a pity fuck aka pretty rapey. what’s one of the craziest sexual experiences you’ve ever had?

 there’s one that automatically comes to mind that i feel like i should not share. imma share it just because this is pillow talk. it was a situation where i was chillin, then i fucked her on a chair – you know those ikea chairs? it’s like a stool. she was like take me now and our friend was asleep in the next room and it’s a loft. we were fucking on the stool, then she tells me to get on the floor and she rips her tights open and gets on top of me. it was so vicious. it was some porno shit where she just ripped her tights open and dropped it for me. like oh my goddddd no one’s ever done this for me before. it was the most movie sex i’ve ever had in my life. i was drugged out. it was wow. i’m sorry (laughs).


sorry? hahaha movie sex is the bomb!! gotta cherish those moments. do you judge girls who are open about their sexuality?

no. not at all.

do you think we’re progressing as a society in terms of being more open and embracing sexuality?

we are progressing towards being open, but at the same time i think about it and i’m like is this a necessary step? is this going to cause degradation in our society and force us to fall apart? or is this good? i don’t know. only time will tell. i can’t even speak on how it’s going to go.

well none of us can predict the future. i feel like it’s a free for all right now. it’s getting crazy. 

yea! it is a free for all.

let’s try and make sure that we have some morals to stand ground on lol.

exactly, exactly. at least we are getting rid of some of the faux pas. like back in the day if a girl fucked 20 dudes she was a slut, when it’s like man you fucked 30 bitches! you fuck a different bitch everyday of the week, why are you coming down on her?


thank youuuuuuuuu. 

i try to say dad’s no thot. i got to really like you. no rando’s, it’s too empty. i don’t want to do it because i feel obligated.

keep it rare daddy. do you have any bedroom tips or advice?

i am the wrong nigga to ask about that (laughing). if i didn’t glo up in the last couple of months i would be the wrongggg – actually i would probably be the right person to ask about this. but currently, i’m just like… bedroom tips… make sure she gets hers before you get yours. that’s the only thing i can say, because once i get mine i’m totally disinterested and i want to go to sleep. no matter what she’s trying to do, make sure she gets hers first.

yessssss, best advice you could offer ;-). do you go down on girls?

me? of course. i spent my earlier college years just practicing that. like i wasn’t even getting any ass i was just eating hella pussy (laughing). i ate like a years worth of pussy just practicing (laughing). i got my time down to less than a minute one time. mouth on point. what can you do.


tongue game skrong. 

i just wanted to see that thang and eat it. we didn’t have to fuck. it’s cool. let me just pleasure you? that’s how i get mines! if it start taking 30-45 minutes though… it’s like someone didn’t love you or you ain’t into me. the best sex i ever had only lasted 15 minutes. we busted 5 nuts and rolled over and watched some netflix. that’s baby mama right there.

do you have any final thoughts / last words on love / sex / relationships etc?

dad is not a thot. i am not easy. you can’t just have me. i’m not for everybody.