Interview Series: Max Silberman


state your name / age / occupation

i am maximillian silberman / i’m 22 years old / i’m a model and artist

what’s your current relationship status?

i just broke up with my ex-girlfriend of four years. we’re still friends and stuff… i’m still there for her, but i’m single.

would you ever date another model?

(laughs) yea, absolutely, because i think to say i wouldn’t would be objectifying myself and i hate being objectified and that’s been happening a lot lately (laughs). i talk to girls and take them out to dinner – i’m a nice guy and appreciate what people have to say in general – girls seem to appreciate that and then after our date they often tell me they didn’t think i would be so considerate and assumed i was just “another model” (laughs).


haha yea the stereotypical zoolander-esque male model. do girls and guys treat you differently because of your occupation? do you ever get your sexuality questioned?

to be honest i question my own sexuality, and people also question it. through their questioning i answer them honestly and i think that’s the difference between me and a lot of other people in general (not just models). i accept the experiences i’ve had whether they’ve been good or bad – i’ve had some bad experiences i promise you that. i started traveling when i was 18 so i did question my sexuality and i thought that it was because i was just around it or whatever. i know i’m straight, but i’m open. i can’t really imagine myself kissing a guy or rubbing his hairy legs (laughing) i want to be only one with hairy legs. you have to be open to be comfortable with yourself.

i respect having an open mind. having a closed-mind will get you nowhere in life and will only continue to breed hate. who normally makes the first move, you or the girl?

it’s funny you ask that. it’s been, in my experience, that girls want to feel wanted and i know that and if i want her i will openly show it. it’s not about who makes the first move it’s more about whether the vibe is there or not. lately, i start out with a massage and loosen a person up. i’m a very touchy-feely guy. i love the body and i love opening people up. i can really get an idea of the person through how they feel.


everyone wants to feel wanted and loved, that’s human nature :-). what are some of your dating do’s and don’ts?

last night i had a couple don’ts for one girl. and the night before! i gave her two days but there were a lot of red flags (laughs). the don’ts are don’t question your confidence in front of a guy because guys struggle with their confidence, too. one thing i hate is when a girl is like ‘don’t look at me’ or ‘i look like shit tonight’ and i’m like i have eyes you know and i’m not seeing what you’re saying so you’re kind of confusing me. be in the moment. be in the present. another one is don’t not eat in front of a guy. eating in front of me shows confidence! i don’t expect perfection or compliance – all i expect is for a girl to be happy with me and our situation and the way she looks and feels at least until we get to know each other then you can let it all loose. i’m a crazy guy, i love crazy girls. last night was a serious don’t… i took a girl who has a bit of a drinking problem to a party and she was so openly disrespectful to everybody like insulting people! on one hand i feel bad, but on the other hand you have to take responsibility for your actions! then she came back here last night and we got in a little argument and she starts sobbing to get a reaction out of me and i had to ask her to leave my house.


crazy loves crazy! lol. that sounds like quite the situation you were in. i don’t tolerate any form of disrespect. it’s bewildering that some people think they are entitled to say whatever they want and act however they please without any consequence. it ain’t happening with me honey. friends with benefits: myth or reality?

 well in this world there are no myths when it comes to sex (laughs). i think that friends with benefits is a reality. it’s having a certain intimate level. it might not be a really deep emotional connection but it’s definitely a physical one. after you cum is when you realize whether you want to keep it in the friend zone or take it to the next level. that’s what i’ve realized. after you cum it’s either special or not.

has it ever gotten muddled for you?

yea. i’ve only been single for a couple months and there’s been a girl or two that may have wanted it to go further than it did. at this point in my life all i can do is be honest with myself and whoever i choose to hook up with. i can’t lead on another girl. it’s wrong. you can’t reel someone in you know? you have to connect with them. one of my favorite poets rumi said (and this will definitely be in my vows) “lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.” that being said i kind of go about my life being open to everyone because as far as i know we’ve known each other in past lives.


it’s definitely hard when someone gets attached quickly and the feeling is not mutual or not as mutual. that’s the only part where i see friends with benefits going south. unless both people are willing to have sex no strings attached, someone will get hurt ;-( what are some qualities or traits you look for in a mate?

well it’s a little bit like my do’s and don’ts. i like confidence, someone who’s funny and has a dirty sense of humor, is definitely wild in bed, and blow jobs don’t hurt. i always tell girls, if you want to keep a boyfriend give him a blow job when he least expects it. i’m always open to new things.

don’t be stingy with blow jobs. you get what you give!! who’s your ultimate fantasy girl?

 well i’ve already kind of done that with my ultimate fantasy girl.

omg who?!?!

there’s this porn star – aletta ocean – she hit me up at the first climax of my modeling career. i definitely warmed her up before we got to it!! (laughs) she’s a person too you know? i wanted her to feel safe and comfortable. also i got to make out with lady gaga and that was pretty awesome. i also got to hook up with erin wasson for a muse music video. it was crazy. i was so intimidated (laughs). pretty doesn’t even do her justice.


dead!!!! you’re living your dream. good for you 🙂 have you ever had any embarrassing dates or hook ups?

 that’s funny that you ask that because i just did the confessions column for cosmo magazine. i went on a first date with this girl to go see a late night movie and i fell asleep in the theater! i didn’t do it on purpose, she was a really hot girl! i was a little stoned i guess and knocked out. the maintenance guy woke me up and everybody had left!! including her! (laughs) i took the hint to say the least.

lmaoo!!! she was over it hahaha. damn that’s so funny she didn’t even bother to wake you up she must have been so pissed LOL. what’s the craziest place you’ve ever done it?

one of them was in a forever 21 dressing room while little kids were in the rooms next to us with their moms. that was pretty awesome. i like fucking outside a lot. i like fucking on the roof of cars on hills because if the car’s facing up it adds like 20 pounds of force so it’s less work for me and more pleasure for her. there was another time i fucked in front of ozzy osbourne’s house once and his tour bus pulled up right in front of us (laughs).


wow very epic. i would imagine it’s a great honor having ozzy watch you stick it to some girl lol. how did you lose your virginity?

if i could only remember! i don’t even remember how old i was when i lost it. it’s like trying to figure out who your father is when you don’t know anything about him. i think it was to my first real girlfriend on fourth of july. she still texts me every 4th. i don’t think i lasted very long (laughs).

LOL dead. how do you feel about slut shaming?

i’m a slut, so… first of all that’s sexist and it’s something i don’t agree with. to be a slut is to give yourself to people and not necessarily know why. i’m a super sexual person, it’s just in my nature. i can’t help it it’s in my jokes and my words and is a huge part of my life. what does the word slut even mean! my mom calls me a boy slut. i think women should call me sluts more because for a woman to allow somebody inside of her is something that is a serious thing. i don’t agree with slut shaming i think everyone has the right to do whatever the fuck they want (no pun intended).


just be safe! your sex life is no one’s business but your own – as long as you’re not hurting anyone or yourself i don’t see a problem. how important is sex to you in a relationship?

you’d be surprised actually – it depends on the situation. first and foremost i can’t have good sex without a good relationship. i’m a really deep person. it’s hard for me to have sex with somebody that i’m not attracted to on an emotional level.

i feel that. how do you get ready for a first date?

i like to look nice. i like to smell nice. it’s my personal opinion that if you want to look good, you gotta feel good. i do whatever i can to feel like myself. people respect that. there’s really no protocol for it – just be yourself. if you’re trying too hard for somebody it might not work because of that. you don’t always have to go for the tough sell.

when you try hard you die hard. what’s your policy on sending nudes?

(laughs) i’m a model for a living and i’ve posed naked before. i’m very comforable in my own skin. it’s freeing! it’s the same as if you sleep naked. sending nudes is a slippery slope for me because i always think someone is going to blackmail me because i have high hopes for my future and my tattoos are extremely recognizable. i couldn’t even do a porn with a mask on – trust me i’ve thought about it (laughs). girls sending nudes is cool, but if i could i wish it would show the date of the picture taken so i know that they’re not pulling my shit (laughs). that’s really what it is for me. it’s okay to send nudes if you do it in the moment. you send nudes to get off!! it has to be in the moment. you can’t live life through old pictures.


hahaha!!! it’s true though people be sending veryyyyy false images of themselves sometimes lol. who was the first person you said ‘i love you’ to?

i was kinda love sick when i was young. i had issues with feeling loved. the first person who i said it to and really meant it was the girl i just broke up with. there are a lot of different types of love. i love people. if i’m in love with you, that’s a strong statement.

do you believe in true love and marriage?

i’m not a religious person and i think marriage is about combining finances. compromise is the definition of marriage and it’s not sacrifice. true love… i can truly love many. i believe in true love. life is so short and things can change quickly. it depends on who you are as a person, how loyal you are, and how you want to live your life. there’s a million options.


the options are endless. you can have a million lovers or just one. has your career in modeling ever stirred up trouble in your relationships?

(laughs) in so many ways. it stirred it up for me, it stirred it up for her, and it stirred it up for us. there’s three people in a relationship – me, her, us. i think my biggest problem has been with gay photographers and the traveling aspect of the job. photographers making moves on me which made me really uncomfortable… mostly it was traveling that made the relationship with my ex so complicated. communicating in different time zones etc. and then she came out to live with me and i was really broke, which always puts strain on a relationship. now i would never let something like money get in the way of a relationship. also i would post pictures of my shoots where i’m half naked on facebook etc. and my ex would get embarrassed and that made me feel disrespected. she would always criticize me. it really hurt my feelings because i love what i do, you know?

yea it’s whack to be dating someone who doesn’t support what you do. your partner should be encouraging you and supporting you while you grow and change :~) if they aren’t doing that (and instead are bringing you down) you should reevaluate the relationship. have you ever had a wet dream?

yea! (laughs) only one. i was in juvie and i’d only heard stories of what a wet dream was and then ended up having one surrounded by 80 other guys (mind you i’m the only white jewish one in there). i remember sleeping on this bed bolted to the floor and it was the last month i was there. the dream was amazing. okay so in juvie they do this thing called “pitching a tent” with your legs because there’s nowhere to jack off. i was pitching a tent with my dick (laughs) and i’ve never cum so much in my life. i don’t remember what it was about, but it felt so real. it was crazy, like an outer body experience. it was one of the best experiences of my life. if i could i would stop jerking off and start having wet dreams.


deadddddd yea wet dreams are the bomb. low key sucks it was in a room surrounded by other dudes LOL so funny. do you have any bedroom tips for all the boys and girls out there?

make foreplay your forte. it’s got to start there and end there really. foreplay and afterplay. don’t just go right in her pants and don’t go and grab her tits right away either. it’ll make her feel like an object. guys – learn how to do the ABCs with your tongue and get a little beat going in your head like it’s a zumba class on your face. it’s like playing a sport – you can’t expect perfection, you just gotta hustle and the rest will come. the best thing a girl can do is touch and grab your guy. acknowledge the dick. tease each other. start with your hands first girls. devour each other’s body. cherish it. appreciate what’s in front of you and touch it.

nice tips!! teasing is really fun and does make the sex more enjoyable. do you have any final thoughts / last words on love / sex / relationships etc.?

i think that people should love themselves and life is too short to dwell about the past and worry about the future. whatever will be will be. there might not be a good reason for everything that happens, but there sure is a purpose.