Interview Series: David Lee Crow


state your name / age / occupation

my name is david lee crow / i am 24 years old / i make music for a living

are you currently seeing anyone?

i’m currently seeing one person, and another one, and another one… haha you can’t put all your eggs in one basket at this point. when you’re out there (dating) you can’t just commit to one person until they’re committed to you, as well. i guess you could say i’m shopping haha.

you just recently moved back to LA from arizona… tell me about the difference in dating here vs there.

oh my god. actually, out there girls are way more ready to just marry you immediately. they’re ready to settle down. out here it’s a battlefield, full on. you have to bring your A game every time if you want a girl to even notice you. out there i can just be a drunken slob and wake up at someone’s house like ‘how did i get here?’ and have a girl (who i don’t know) laying next to me saying she’s in love with me haha.

haha do you think you get more play because you’re a musician?

absolutely. guaranteed. when i joined my first band, that’s when i saw the massive change. there’s just something about musicians that swoons women towards them. you’re everyday jock/sports guy are a dime a dozen, but when you come across a musician or an artist who’s actually doing it properly – it can be kind of special.


yea, girls love the creative types. are you a romantic?

yes, i am… i want to be so badly, but unfortunately all of my relationships for the past 5 years have all just been here and there – nothing solid. i want to dive into love. i want to create a scavenger hunt for a girl to find a big present at the end, which is me with a ring being like “i love you, baby, you’re the one.” and then she like looks in the air and it says ‘will you marry me?’ haha. i want to do all of that for someone really bad. but i guess i’m just too picky… or maybe i’m not looking in the right places… i don’t know.

i don’t think being picky is a bad thing. i mean, you don’t want to just settle down with anyone. you deserve the best! we all do. do you think chivalry is dead?

absolutely not, no. i think a lot of women look for that nowadays. i always go out of my way to open the door, to pull her seat out, treat the waiter properly, etc. even if the girl doesn’t notice it, it’s always in good practice to be a gentleman.

i respect that. would you eventually want to be married with a family?

yes, by 35 at the latest. if i can’t find someone by 35 i’m just going to say “fuck it. whatever.” haha. i totally look forward to the idea of raising little kids and naming them and teaching them how to be good people, because there’s such a lack of that these days. and also look forward to loving someone and being like “look at what we created together.” and then dying happy knowing that i’m going to leave a legacy of good people behind. when i’m buried in the dirt it will be cool to know that there’s going to be someone i created waking around with the instilled embodiment of good morals and how to treat people.

hell yea, the crow legacy lives on haha. what are some of your turn ons / offs?

uhh… it’s a long list.

name a few of them.

alright. turn ons. i like a girl who is aggressive. i like a girl who speaks her mind, who is very fluent, who is intelligent and funny. if a girl can make me laugh, i’ll get a boner while i’m laughing haha. i like a girl who is well-groomed, well-dressed, and at the same time i kind of like that hoodlum/street kid vibe, but you can’t date that. it’s hard to date that because she’s not for you. i love dirty talk, love dirty talk. i love when a girl says “yea, you like that daddy? fuck me harder. spank my ass!” it gets me going. let’s not just ignore the fact we’re having sex and get it over with. let’s embrace this moment and talk dirty, you know? a few more turn ons… good taste in music is a huge turn on. when a girl likes shitty music – she bumps country – i’m just like i don’t want to go down the dirt road with you right now haha. huge turn offs… jealousy to an extent. there’s a part of jealousy that shows caring, and then there’s a part of jealousy that’s just overbearing. like if you’re going through my phone and seeking drama and you’re trying to find it – which i’ve dealt with before – that’s too crazy for. drug addiction is a turn off. that’s usually your fault if you date a drug addict.

ain’t that the truth. you will always be second best if you date a drug addict. 

yep, it’s a bitch. another turn off… oh! clean your vagina and shave it, please! i love eating pussy, and if i go downstairs and it smells and it’s a forest and i have to dig my way to it, i’m not going to enjoy doing what i love. the entrance to mcdonalds is simple, you open the door. they do not put a huge jungle in the entrance and hand you a machete and expect you to get in. don’t get me wrong, a little tuft on top is totally fine, but when you have a full on bush that’s another story. then i’m like what are you trying to hide under there? you never know.

what else do you like in bed? 

i like a girl who goes all the way. i like when i get my asshole licked – it’s great, and i’m willing to do it, too, but everything within reason. we’re gonna take a shower first and be clean. i don’t want pink eye or pink lips or whatever. i just want to make sure i can pleasure you with the safety of sanitary haha. i’m a huge fan of handcuffs and tying up – anything that’s going the distance. when you bring props to the table it makes things a lot of fun. i’ll hold a dildo in your pussy while i eat you out, it’s fine! don’t be afraid to ask me either, i love when a girl is upfront. like she wants something and and she wants it now. you order, i deliver. don’t make me have to figure it out every time because then i’m curious what’s okay and what not and then i get the hand slap and i’m back to square one.

sex should be fun. 

totally. and just a final thing, i’m totally down for a girl who knows what she wants, but i really dislike a conductor. the girl who’s always telling me to slow down or speed up or what angle to be in, constantly telling me what to do. then it’s like you’re pretty much masturbating with my body. i’m not having sex with you anymore, you’re using me the way you want me to be. like i’m a human dildo or something.

how do you go about getting a girl’s number?

i’m pretty straight up. if i see a girl and i’m physically attracted to her, that’s the entrance. then i have to know who she is as a person – if i get a good first impression then i take the steps forward and ask the ice breaker questions. then usually, whatever happens after that, says everything about the person. if it goes silent – then she’s probably not interested in me. if she asks you odd, creepy questions, you probably want to turn around because it’s already a little off. but yea, if i want to ask for a girl’s number i’ll be like ‘look, i think you’re gorgeous and i’d love to get to know you outside of a bar’ because you can’t really get to know someone inside of a club or a bar.

especially in a club where you’re literally screaming at one another. 

exactly. you don’t want to be screaming ‘so i went to college for a little while, but it wasn’t really my thing’ in some girl’s ear haha. like are these our first moments?

how long do you wait to contact a girl after you’ve gotten her number?

one day minimum, three days maximum. that’s my rule because if you hit them up the next day it seems to clingy and no one wants that. if you hit someone up within such a short amount of time it shows them that you don’t have your own thing going on. give it a day or two or even three, but after four interest is out the window.


good call, especially if you guys do meet at a bar or club because chances are she will be hungover the next day and crabby haha. have you ever joined any dating sites?

yes. you name it, i’ve been on it – zoosk, plenty of fish, okcupid, tinder… i want a girlfriend, so i’m using these sites to get myself out there. honestly though, instead of calling it a dating app they should call it a one night stand app, because that’s all it is. that’s all it ever is. it’s never consistent. i mean i’ve made some good friends – people that i’ll hit up now and again just to hang out – but no one worth saying ‘i love you’ to. i guess i should get off the dating apps because i don’t like the idea of meeting the love of my life through a dating site. it takes away the authenticity of the relationship, as opposed to just meeting them and they’re this human who just randomly entered your life. it adds so much more mystery to it versus the dating sites, which are essentially pokemon cards haha. one thing i do have to say about dating apps is that they may not be able to provide the love of your life right off the bat, but they can definitely provide you some good memories along the way. i remember one instance this girl asked me what i was doing that night and when i told her i had no plans she suggested that her and her two friends come over, so i invited two of my friends over (to share the wealth). long story short, we ended up playing truth or dare and my friend ends up licking mayo out of this girl’s butt-crack, i’m getting my face ridden (by one of the girls) while the other two girls are shaking their asses at me, and everyone is taking turns going in the bathroom and making out. that would have never happened if i had swiped right (on the app) haha.

haha if anything it’s just fun. do you use protection when you bump uglies?

every time. every single time. if i get to know a girl, i know her inside and out, i know what kind of birth control she’s on, etc. i’ve taken the risk and just done it. it’s a heat of the moment kind of decision. there’s nothing that’s going to stop you when you’re in that moment. there’s only one thing that i still do sometimes, just occasionally, is i want to know how they feel on the inside one time, just for a second… but then i always ruin it for myself and put a condom on haha. i only feel about 15% of what i would be feeling without one because – and i’m going to be so straight up right now – when i was circumcised the doctor did a very bad job and i only have feeling on my left side. it’s not like mutilated or anything, i just don’t have feeling on my right side. so when i put a condom on i feel half of what any other guy would feel. when other guys complain about condoms i’m like you don’t even know. i get an F on an A condom experience haha.

they need to come out with better forms of birth control! ones that don’t hinder the pleasure.

what i’m saying is why do girls have to take contraceptives? why would you put a bulletproof vest on and get shot, when you can just take the bullets out of the gun! no one’s going to get hit by anything that way. why have we not made a pill guys can take that will completely remove semen from their body for 24 hours? i guess marijuana kind of, but it’s still a flip of a coin.

what’s your favorite position?

oh my goodness… with the vagina or the mouth? because quite frankly, when a girl’s on her hands and knees and i’m fucking her face, that is just awe-inspired. my eyes roll back and i stare at the ceiling and i stare at my brain and i think is this real? then i look at her and i’m like yes this is happening. as far as the basic positions go (missionary, doggy-style, girl on top) i really love when a girl is on top because then her whole body is presented in front of me and i get to see her and she’s experiencing it more for herself than i am, because i’m going to get off regardless. this allows me to witness her feeling her best and looking her best and just being this beautiful creature on top of me.


how often do you masturbate?

everyday. minimum of twice a day. if i skip a day i become very mean, same as if i stop smoking cigarettes. it kills off all the stress. i think that it’s silly for people to imagine themselves not needing to masturbate or whatever. when a girl says she doesn’t masturbate, that tells me that she might be a little high-strung. i’m not saying it’s a 100%, but it can definitely be a thing. treat yourself. don’t be afraid of it, it’s YOURS. you can do whatever you want with it haha.

i can definitely see that. how are you supposed to get off when you don’t know how your parts work? haha. what would your perfect relationship look like?

 my perfect relationship would be with a girl who was not only physically endearing, but emotionally endearing, who had her own goals and aspirations in life. i don’t want a girl who just wants a boyfriend. there’s so many girls like that who don’t care about you or what you’re doing with your life, but are with you because they don’t want to be alone. i want a girl who pushes me to reach my goals and i do the same for her. someone who i can grow with. progressing together is such a huge part of a relationship because if you’re not progressing together, you’re rotting together. that’s all it is. i spent two years in a relationship where all we did was watch movies. somewhere between all the movies we’re watching the notebook and i’m thinking to myself where is OUR notebook? where is our legacy? you know? i want something magical like bonnie and clyde or sid and nancy – a relationship that defines love.

do you have any final thoughts/last words on sex/relationships/etc.?

i think love is a gift and a curse for all of humanity because we all feel it even when we’re not a part of it. we either feel the absence of or the fulfillment of it. if you feel it, you’re driven towards creating something out of it, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you’ll keep searching for it. i’ve taught myself to really pull back and focus on loving myself enough to where loving someone else is a sinch. if you can’t love yourself how could anyone else? it’s the age-old saying. fuck hard and dirty. laugh hard and loud. smile, be happy, and make every moment matter more than the last because every single second we spend on this earth is one that has passed. i want to experience my life with someone who shares my views and understands everything i’ve just said, because if she doesn’t than i’m just wasting my time. i know what i’m looking for and i’m going to find it.